What is C-Level?

Real quick, if you don’t know what a C-level is…

“C” simply stands for “Chief” so basically I am talking about Chief level communication. This includes:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Etc.

We can summarize this to CXO. X being unknown.

Action Plan
Pakistan is a small country where people know each other in the industry. If an executive does something good or bad in Karachi they will be talked about in Islamabad, Lahore and rest of the Pakistan where that industry is thriving.

  • You must educate a CXO about your goals and how it is aligned with their financial and operation goals
  • It takes time to educate someone. So, please take your time and do your homework
  • Be proactive. This means complete your homework before the action you are supposed to do with a CXO
  • Do not push a CXO as you will lose the opportunity
  • You must identify your needs and wants
  • You must identify CXOs needs and wants
  • Educate yourself by understanding organizations sales cycle
  • Find out who has the authority or the decision maker in an organization
  • Find out if the authority is floating among the CXOs or are they following traditional management hierarchy
  • Do not assume that your prospect will know about you and your industry
  • Don’t have apologetic face when communicating
  • Make eye contacts all the time
  • Speak Slow
  • Focus on speech delivery
  • Mock your meeting with someone
  • Practice, practice, practice your mock communication with someone
  • You must send your message within five (5) minutes. People have done it with less than that

You will be presenting to an executive. So, act like one, talk like one, sit like one. Read some books on CEOs on how they talk, think and what it is to get there.