Running a Web Chat Operation

Web chat campaign can be run on PC or laptop. It depends on user experience. Laptops will cost you higher than a PC.


The following specs are expensive. Usually a good branded PC like Dell costs about PKR 40,000.00. Unless you go for unbranded. However, I won’t recommend that. And it all depends on your budget. So, the simple math is PKR Rs. 40,000.00 x 20 qty = PKR Rs. 800,000.00. Lahore market is expensive. Prices are much cheaper in Karachi.

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 150 GB Hard Drive
  • Core 2 Duo i5 or i7
  • Licensed Windows 10 and Windows Office
  • 24 inch monitor
  • Dell Keyboard and Mouse

Chat Software

There are several in the market. Their price runs from USD $9.99 per month to $300.00 per month depending on what you need and require. USD $9.99 is a simple chat. And USD $300.00 has more features in it. So, it’s like you are purchasing a TV with features.

Examples of chat companies

I am only giving you 2 examples. There are several other options. You can even host your own chat server and save huge money on the following prices. Usually, your 20-seat should have their own chat server and a dedicated software developer. You need either Linux or Windows server.

In your operation budget, you should have your following prices included. Monthly is expensive and yearly is cheap.

With the following companies you don’t need your server. You can use their online portal. Less headache.


Example of screen sharing

  • Amazon Chime


Network Environment is crucial. You need dedicated Internet. Firewall, a good switch or a router. Your agents MUST not download anything while working hours. So, you need filtering of all entertainment sites. You need a good UPS as well.


You need dedicated symmetrical fiber Internet speed. You need about 5MB. If you are not using voice on it. If you use voice, then you need a little bit of more around 8MB. So, if you subscribe 10MB, then you can split the bandwidth for voice and data.