Virtual Employment for Single Parent

Are you looking for a job that pays well? Well, there is none. However, there are part-time jobs that add an extra change in your pocket.

I would like you to consider call center jobs. I know you are thinking that many people in Pakistan can’t speak English. And even if they speak English they are not getting jobs. Furthermore, the call centers working environment is not that safe and professional enough for a female to work in.

Well, I am talking about to become a virtual employee for your employer.

What is Virtual Employee?

A Virtual Employee is an entrepreneur who provides administrative support and/or specialized business services. These services are typically provided from his or her home office, utilizing phone, fax, instant messages, e-mail, snail and overnight mail, portable media storage and even cassette tape. And, Virtual Assistant’s provide their services without ever having to physically enter their clients’ offices.

A Virtual Employee is not an employee of your company in fact they are small business owners. Virtual Employees are interested in developing strong working relationships, creating a purposeful and collaborative partnership.

A Virtual Employee’s success is directly related to the success of their clients, which means they have a vested interest in the growth and success of their clients’ business.

Is there any benefit to hiring a Virtual Employee?

Virtual Employee…

  • do not require office space
  • do not need to be managed, as do employees
  • do provides their own office space and equipment
  • do provide your business support needs; working your agenda, and often support many personal needs as well, such as personal/family appointments and events, and reminders and preparation for special occasions
  • do Get paid for time on task, not time spent at the water cooler – this means you pay only for that time which is spent on your work


  • do get to work with the same person every time, unlike temporary employment service agencies
  • do get to work with another professional business owner who wants to find solutions to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities to help with growth and success
  • do not spend time on employee related administration
  • not pay associated benefits, holidays, insurance, paid vacations, payroll taxes, sick leave
  • not need to know and adhere to federal and state mandates;
  • not pay someone, an employee, to administer the federal and state mandates
  • not have the hassle of dismissing an employee – if you are not satisfied with the work, do not renew the contract
  • not have the expense and down time associated with employee turnover and new employee training

What costs are involved in hiring a Virtual Employee?

As with many service professions, cost is typically based on the experience and skill levels of the Virtual Employee, as well as the level of service provided. Costs can range between Rs. 10,000 through Rs.30,000 monthly.

An experienced Virtual Employee starting a new practice and having great skills could expect to start with Rs. 10,000 per month. A highly skilled Virtual Employee with an established practice may have a monthly rate of from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000. Professionally certified Virtual Employee’s have rates starting even higher.

Many Virtual Employees will also offer a flat fee per project and/or services under retainer. The project fee or retainer services are beneficial to clients for almost any circumstances, especially for long involved projects that require many hours of dedicated service. The benefit for the client is knowing the Virtual Employee will be committed to providing the client the services needed, meeting deadlines and providing consistency in the work product. The benefit to the Virtual Employee is the new challenges the projects provide, and also the consistent established income during such projects.

Who hires a Virtual Employee?

Many different types of people, small businesses and corporations frequently find the need to hire a Virtual Employee.

Among those people, you will find accountants, authors, celebrities, coaches, consultants, financial planners, professional athletes, professional speakers, recruiters, therapists and writers.

Many small businesses with limited space and resources find partnering with a Virtual Employee to be effective, with great advantages and very little cost. Certainly, the cost is minimal, in comparison for the need to lease space, provide and maintain equipment, and hire a full time or part time employee, which may include benefits, when there is not a need for that level of staffing.

Many corporate businesses find an advantage to hiring Virtual Assistants for a myriad of administrative services. Corporate businesses often find it much more efficient and effective to hire a dedicated Virtual Employee for major projects. This allows the business to meet its goal with the project, while maintaining high morale with its employees who are relieved they are not required to find time to complete one more project when they are already working at full capacity.

Though it may seem surprising to you, many busy families are now utilizing Virtual Employees as a way to enable them to have valuable, quality family time together.

Can you work with a Virtual Employee?

Good question. Let’s be realistic here. The Client/Virtual Employee relationship is a unique relationship, requiring trust and both parties working together to ensure effectiveness and productivity.

If you need to:

  • frequently monitor progress
  • continually be in contact with your Virtual Employee
  • are unable to trust others to complete tasks
  • are unable to delegate
  • are so disorganized you cannot assign tasks to a Virtual Employee
  • uncomfortable using technology for assigning and receiving work

…then you would have difficulty working with a Virtual Assistant.

On the other hand, if you:

  • do not need to frequently monitor progress, but can agree upon specific update time frames
  • can accept that the Virtual Employee will call you if there are questions
  • are comfortable using technology for assigning and receiving work

…then you would enjoy working with a Virtual Employee.

What about the electricity problem?

A good UPS of 1000 watts will cost roughly around Rs. 30,000 which is a one-time investment. Virtual Employee’s home can be fitted with UPS that will cover:

  • 1 ceiling fan
  • 1 energy saver
  • 1 LCD monitor (Do NOT use CRT monitors)
  • 1 CPU
  • 1 Internet router/modem

So, if you are the type of person who can work with a Virtual Employee, hire one, start out with small responsibilities to ensure you get to know the Virtual Employee’s work style, and yours is learned by the Virtual Employee. Once you and your Virtual Employee have begun establishing your partnership, turn over your next big project. Then stand back and let the Virtual Employee do the job. Who knows, you might find that not only do you have time to promote your business, you have leisure time too. (What a novel idea!)