Training Managers

Call Center Training managers are bound to train the fresh hires and experienced agents so they can achieve their given goals by improving their productivity. Call Center trainers train the agents in such a way that they will become the revenue generator for the company and retain their customers by providing an outstanding customer service/support through their experience.


For new hires training managers give the orientation so they can quickly learn the products. They also explain the work flow and the structure of the company. They also explain the management requirements. Call Center training managers also evaluate the agents during orientation by taking their Mock Calls, general discussion some verbal and written test, so they can provide them good agents to the company and reducing agent attrition.

New Product Launch

Training managers are the one who gather, organize all the information like materials, description, script Rebuttals and FAQs for the employee in advance and schedule the training for their company employees so they can be fully trained on the product and satisfy the customer accordingly.

Company Guidelines and Polices

The guidelines policies and the procedures are being set by the respective for them employees of the company. Training Managers are also responsible to make the news hires familiar through regulations like warranties, policies, money back policies, delivery period etc. Every employee is bound to follow the same.