The Verbatim Script

It is one that is followed word-for-word. This is best used for the business-to-consumer audience. In this market it is recommended that the message last no longer than three to four minutes and contain up to 350 to 450 words. These scripts require little or no response from the prospect and will include closed-ended as well as probing questions. The following scripts feature fictitious companies.

An example of a verbatim script used to sell business office equipment for the ABC company:

Hello, Mr./Ms. (name), I’m George Fredericks from the ABC Company. I’m calling today because we have some ideas on how one of our (machine type) can increase your office productivity and improve your bottom line.


Mr./Ms. (name), I’d be happy to have one of our representatives come by your office to share these ideas with you. What would be best for you, morning or afternoon?


Excellent, Russ Richards will be at your office on (day) at (time). Please call me at (phone number) if there’s a time change.