The Outline Script

It is considered to be the most difficult level of scripting. This method is used in business-to-business calling. The outline script is made up of words and ideas in outline form. These scripts require five to ten minutes.

An example of an outline script used by Central Catalog Sales, enables the caller the opportunity to be more flexible in his qualification process follows.

Hello, Mr./Ms. (name), I’m George Fredericks from Central Catalog Sales. Have you received a letter from our president, Mr. Bates?


(Letter received or not) Well, as stated in his letter we have the:


  • Best products,
  • Low prices,
  • Quick delivery,
  • Monthly selection of office supplies,
  • Discounts, and
  • A generous return policy.
  • As an added incentive, Mr. Bates wants you to know about:
  • Present specials,
  • Free goods,
  • Incentives for buying in quantity,
  • (Etc.)