The Guided Script

It is the second level of scripting. It is less restrictive and allows the telemarketer to adjust the conversation according to the responses received from the prospect. This method of scripting is recommended for business-to-business situations. This scripting method can work with the business-to-consumer situation if more probing is needed to determine the interest level of the prospect. Guided scripts can last up to six minutes and can require up to 750 words. Experienced telemarketers best use this type of script.

The trick to a successful telemarketing effort is reaching the decision-maker. You can waste a lot of time by not speaking to the right person. This can be avoided by simply asking the person to whom you are speaking if he or she is the decision-maker in this situation. If he isn’t, then you must determine who is and pursue that person.

An example of a guided script used by a visual products sales company, Visual Images, specializing in transparencies for meetings and presentations:

(Operator answers.) Hello, I’d like to speak to whoever buys transparencies for overhead projection. Who would that person be please? (Gets name and correct spelling)


Hello, Mr./Ms. (name), I’m George Fredericks from Visual Images. We specialize in overhead projection equipment and supplies. Are you the person who buys or determines what kind overhead equipment or transparencies? (If no, gets correct name and title) If yes:


Fine, Mr./Ms (name). Our company has been known for its one-stop shopping advantages for companies such as yours. Most of the companies in this area use our quality products. We offer three benefits to our customers, quality products, excellent service and more than competitive prices. Sound interesting? (Gets response)


My call can be very timely for you because we have a special offer consisting of a 15% telephone discount, extended payment terms and a free telescoping laser pointer for first-time buyers. Can I ask you a few questions about your current needs? If yes-


Good. First I’d like to know how many boxes of transparencies you are currently using each month…