The Corporate Sufi – Book Review

I came across a book named The Corporate Sufi authored by Mr. Azim Jamal and published by Jaico Books. The book ISBN is 81-7992-520-X. You can visit

The name of the book is self-explanatory that a Sufi person can practice Sufism and modern corporatism. The book is written in a very simple English language. It must be read by agents at all levels. I prefer this book as a part of the training process for fresh agents.

Some of the referenced contents are directly quoted from the book to enjoy.

Sufi Says…

“You have a duty to perform. Do anything else, do a number of things, occupy your time fully, and yet, if you do not do this task, all your time will have been wasted.” p. 23


“There is a difference between spending a night with a lover and a night with a toothache.” p. 24


“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off your goals.” p. 27

The Corporate Sufi Says…

“Our corporate purpose is an extension of our personal purpose.” p. 24


“If our life’s purpose is not aligned with our corporate purpose, we experience tension and unhappiness. When the two are aligned, we find that we are performing optimally in our work life and are using our innate gifts.” p. 24


“If we are sprinting to work, we are probably working with purpose. Our excitement and enthusiasm make our light shine from within, and we make a difference.” p. 25


“By staying focused on our vision and purpose, we are able to achieve success despite facing obstacles. Remember: Obstacles are part of the journey of life. When we keep our eye on the goal, obstacles are not threats. In fact, they become opportunities to create breakthroughs. ” p. 28


The contents published here were approved by the author. The information is from the book “The Corporate Sufi” by Azim Jamal (