Sales Shyness

This is absolute correct that everyone is shy at the first time. And there is a word for it to overcome this shyness and that is practice. But when exactly will you overcome that shyness? When are we going to judge that moment? What is that instant information to overcome that shyness in order to initiate the dialogue with c-level executives?

Sales shyness does not occur only at freshman or junior level of sales department. I can guarantee that even the president of any country, company, organization, and people at above forty years of old and even at the old age are shy in their field. That’s why companies are closed earlier than expected.

Sales shyness is not only about initiating a communication. It is also about to initiate any research, starting a new business, developing a new relationship. Of course all these matters point out to one thing and that is communication.

I believe that sales shyness can be overcome if and only if we can only initiate a communication. Many of us actually don’t communicate at all. Some of us simply don’t like it. And many have fear to kickoff any communication. I am talking about verbal communication. Indeed, roads, streets, news papers, media and other entities are part of the indirect communication. Let’s try to focus on using the human tongue in a better way.  According to Wikipedia and I quote, “The average length of the tongue from the oropharynx to the tip is 10 cm (4 in)”. It is your tongue so please use it as freely as you can.

Now, frankly my dear, it does take time to overcome any thing. What exactly are we trying to overcome? A fear of:

  • Shyness
  • Emotions
  • Initiating communication
  • Rejection
  • Laughing at you rather than with you
  • Understanding company or country culture
  • Understanding individual
  • Spoken language
  • Etc., etc., etc., and lastly
  • Whatever the fear you have or you know or trying to find out…

What you don’t need is an ego. We all will overcome the above items but it is very hard to overcome the ego. Whatever is the problem or trying to achieve things one has to communicate verbally.

There is also one more thing which is important and that is doing homework before going to work and that is being proactive. We all have to minimize the human time to improve or conquer our obsession.

Sales shyness is not about not knowing or where to start. It’s simply overcome few obstacles that are not job related instead they are self related. You have to separate entities that you need to control and which you don’t have control over it.