Outbound Sales Flow

The following diagram depicts a typical process flow for an outbound sales call.  Outbound telemarketing is an important part of any business.  The ability to leverage call center resources, technology, and customer contact information will make any company outbound campaigns less costly and more effective.

Marketing Information Data                       

A key source for marketing campaign information is the marketing information system.  Fed by numerous sources, the marketing information system provides a central database that can be easily analyzed for marketing purposes.  A marketing information system is developed to support many marketing initiatives; one common use is to develop candidate lists for outbound telemarketing campaigns.

Other sources of marketing information are also utilized to develop telemarketing campaigns.  A few of these will include externally purchased candidate information, service referral data, and client sources.

Campaign Management

When an outbound telemarketing campaign is desired, candidate lists can be systematically extracted and used as campaign lists.  Each queued record houses pertinent campaign information such as phone numbers, customer names, product/service recommendations, contact dates & times, and overall campaign status.  As queued records are worked, dispositions record all successful and unsuccessful telemarketing actions.  Based on disposition information, accurate and timely campaign statistics are easily reported.

Automated Dialing

Working in conjunction with a predictive dialer, all queued records can be systematically presented to CSRs assigned to that campaign.  Upon review of the prospect data, the CSR initiates the outbound call.  If a prospect does not answer or a busy signal is detected, the queued record is updated by a CSR to reflect the attempt and then re-scheduled.  If a prospect does answer, the CSR proposes the targeted product/service.  The use of automated dialing technology improves CSR productivity through reduced dialing times.

Custom Screens & Scripts

Based on campaign types, diverse sales suggestions, and pre-screen analysis, CTI presents (screen pops) campaign specific sales screens to CSRs.  Customized sales screens provide each CSR with the most complete and up-to-date information needed to close a sale.  In many circumstances CSR screens display a combination of queued data and back-end application information.  CSRs can also benefit from functionality such as enhanced scripting, what-if calculations, product or service comparisons, and special wrap-up options.