Monitor your Own Calls

We get annoyed who monitor our calls. We simply don’t like critic. However, this is important that the senior management and senior agents help their junior staff by listening to their calls and assign a mentor or a team leader. 

What you should look for to monitor your own calls:

  • The most important part of the call is the beginning. As was stated before, this will make or break the sale.
  • In training, the voice is probably the easiest part of the presentation to teach. Its importance in making that first impression cannot be stressed enough.
  • Rate of speech is critical. It cannot be so fast that it is incomprehensible nor so slow that it is boring. The accepted rate of speech in telemarketing is 180 words a minute or 3 words a second.
  • The tone of voice is the perceived personality of the telemarketer. It also indicates mood and confidence in the product/service. In training, a good practice is to tape record the training calls so you can listen to the tone without dealing with the change in facial expressions, body language, etc. The caller does not have the benefit of these cues and neither should you.