Mock Calls for Sales

Mock Calls are good for beforehand preparation of your sales. That will help you to understand the selling pitch and product as well. Also you will be able to build the confidence and release the hesitance.

Mock Call Environment

Training Manager must create such kind of Environment that they feel the Mock Call as in real. The Agent and the Dummy Customer must not be seated in front of each other or do not even listen across their voices. Train the Agent in such a way that he keeps his focus towards sales. Avoid pranks on mock calls.

Use Your Selling Skills in Mock Calls

As an Agent you probably don’t have the full knowledge of the Product and this can be hard for you to deal with, but you can use your selling skills to make a better mock call. Deal with the objection positively and this can be a good advantage for you to be on board as well.

Mock Call Analysis

Once you are on call do analysis of your own skills and knowledge. Do not leave your goal even you are giving the Mock calls. Be professional on your call. Do not sound that you do not know anything. Once you finish your call evaluate yourself. Be open to ask the question: Where I went wrong? How can I make it better?

End Proper Mock Call

Do end the proper mock call. Ask for the follow up and take the best possible time to call. Check for other Alternative Call back numbers. Also if there is any call transfer process in your product do end with the same approach.