Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is around the corner. As a call center operative; have you thought of giving your Christians staff holidays on Christmas? If not, don’t worry; they will leave the job without even notifying you since you don’t respect your employees and specially minority employees.

A whole new conflict will arise before, during and after the Christmas holidays. Not just from your existing or pipeline customers, but when employees will be back after holidays to demand their salary and will find themselves in a conflict zone with their employer.
However, you may reward them if they don’t take Christmas off. After all, you do need their assistance. Yes, this is a business expense. However, this expense’s return on investment (ROI) is quick in terms of motivation and loyalty. The good thing about Pakistan is that people are very loyal if they work for a company where they can find respect, trust, learning environment, empowerment, and much more.

Christmas in Pakistan is absolutely not glamorous as in other western countries. I would be wrong to use the word glamorous since for Christians it’s a religious holiday. Nevertheless, either Christians or Muslims or any other religion, we all have adopted media-centric and glamorous holidays.

Please do respect your minorities. Please do give them holidays. Please do provide incentives if any minority wants to stay during holidays and work.

Merry Christmas to all!!!