Marketing Vs. Sales

Both actions Sales and Marketing aimed to generate revenue for the specific Organization. They are entangled with each other in such a manner that most of the people do not understand the relation between the two. Sales are a narrower concept while Marketing is a wider concept.

In small organizations there are people typically performing both sales and marketing task. Although Sales is different from Marketing and as the organization grows the roles and responsibilities become more specific.

Being a Marketer your Customer orientation is to listen to the customer needs and requirements according to the prevailing market and also determine their future needs and requirements. As a Marketer you have to approach so many different customers to introduce your products. And focus on Generating Leads, Fulfilling customers want and needs through products and service which is offering by the company on long term basis.

Where as being a Sales person your Customer orientation is to, match the company currently offering products according to the demand of the customer. As a Sales person mostly you are dealing with one customer at a time. And your main focus is to generate purchases and fulfill sales volume objectives. The sales procedure perspective are short term and varies with customer to customer.

Marketing person researches on the needs and requirements of the customers and coordinate with the concern department in creating products to meet those needs, they also do promotions to advertise said products. Once a product has been created for a customer need, Sales person is the one who persuade his customers to purchase the product to fulfill their needs.

So the evaluation says that Marketing is the process which shows how to reach to the customer where as Sales is the ultimate goal of the Marketing.