Makeover of the Call Center Furniture

Instead of the economy, call centers have worn the recession better than other markets. There have been many stories about the openings of new centers and the development of prevailing centers filling the news. As always, call centers face a higher turnover rate than other industries, even in this economy as call center work is challenging and agents must be able to communicate perceptively and professionally. If your center is facing these issues a furniture makeover may be in order.

Ergonomics plays an important role in today’s corporate life thanks to the several remunerations it brings in terms of employee competence and costs. All types of industries – be it healthcare, BPOs, call centers, retail and manufacturing – consider ergonomic aspects while selecting the equipment and furniture for their office or factory.

Employees at some call center may feel an absence of identity as their job changes per client. To make employees feel more associated to the company, employers can design call center furniture with company colors in mind to keep employees feeling like part of the team. Also, screen-printing the company logo on workstation panels throughout the facility can be an effective way to brand the company.

Hopefully, as the economy improves, the stories about successful openings and expansions of businesses in the call center industry will increase. With the opening and expansions of call centers, they need to address furniture arises. By simply making some slight changes to furniture design these call centers can make certain improved functionality and reduced turnover.