Magic Words in Call Center

Thank you! Please! If you are not using these magic words then you need to educate yourself on how, when, and where to use these words. They will make or break your relationship with any customer instantly. Regardless if you have more than forty years of experience; if you are not being polite and humble then your ego will your career.

We all know that call center agents get promoted within the company on their performance. This performance uses your customer service skills. However, a customer service skill is a vast subject but the main area is to be humble and polite.

We get personal satisfaction and a psychological effect when we read a word “Guaranteed” on an automotive spare parts carton box. By saying thank you and please will have the same effect on the customer as well.

When and how to use magic words?

  • When putting customers on hold
    • Can I please put you on hold? Confirm with customer then say Thank you
    • When bring customers back online
      • Thank you for holding. Are we still online please? Confirm by hearing the customer’s voice and say… Thank you
      • When updating customers on information
        • Please stay online with me while I check your account… Pause… Thank you… when checked accounts then say… Thank you for the hold, please give me your account number… Pause, confirm account number… then say… Thank you; what would you like to do with your account?

These magic words not necessarily help you in call center agent. They are used in normal day-to-day communication with our families, friends, co-workers, strangers, even animals too. And if you are religious, you can once in a while say thanks to God.

There are several ways you can use these magic words. The catch is that the more you use, the more humble you will be in resolving any problem in the first call resolution.