Communication Skills Introduction

Why is communication important?

As a salesperson, one of the most important skills to learn is the ability to communicate.
Communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information. The goal of communication is mutual understanding. To understand is to perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of something.

The ability to communicate effectively, build rapport, and relate well to other people is a fundamental skill in any work environment.

  • Every aspect of your work has the common denominator of people.
  • Everyone communicates, you cannot NOT do it.
  • Communication is a key sales skill.

People who communicate well and have good interpersonal skills can effectively communicate, build rapport and relate well to all kinds of people. They exhibit the following traits:

  • Strive for self-awareness.
  • Demonstrate sincere interest in others.
  • Treat all people with respect, courtesy and consideration.
  • Respect differences in the attitudes and perspectives of others.
  • Listen, observe and strive to gain understanding of others.
  • Are sensitive to diversity issues.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with many different kinds of people regardless of cultural differences.
  • Understand that the primary responsibility for the success or failure of the communication lies with the sender.

There are three types of communication skills

  • Aggressive
  • Passive
  • Assertive

We should strive for assertive style.

Keep in mind that very few people are all one or another style. In fact, the aggressive style is essential at certain times such as:

  • When a decision has to be made quickly;
  • During emergencies;
  • When you know you’re right and that fact is crucial;
  • Stimulating creativity by designing competitions destined for use in training or to increase productivity.

Passiveness also has its critical applications:

  • When an issue is minor;
  • When the problems caused by the conflict are greater than the conflict itself;
  • When emotions are running high and it makes sense to take a break in order to calm down and regain perspective;
  • When your power is much lower than the other party’s;
  • When the other’s position is impossible to change for all practical purposes (i.e., government policies, etc.)

Remaining aware of your own communication style and fine-tuning it as time goes by gives you the best chance of success in business and life.