Inbound Sales Flow

The following diagram depicts a typical process flow for a sales call.  The ability to handle every sales opportunity efficiently and professionally will significantly influence any company’s telephone sales success.  The typical flow accommodates sales calls that develop from either a direct customer sales inquiry or from a service call referral.

Direct Customer Sales Inquiry

Let’s suppose, customers will call a company using a variety of published sales and service phone numbers.  By detecting the dialed phone number, the IVR will present the most appropriate script.  For example, customers that call a sales number will immediately hear an IVR sales prompt.

If a caller opts-out to speak with a CSR or the function requires CSR assistance, the IVR application will interrogate the point from where the request was made.  If the caller is within a sales function, they are automatically routed to a specially trained sales CSR.  If no IVR selection was made, the routing is based on the original phone number dialed.  The dynamic routing of calls leads to improved overall sales closure ratios.

Service Call Referral

Customers using a service related phone number will route through the IVR service script; however, sales information is easily accessible.  Customers opting-out of service related IVR functions are transferred to a CSR.  CSRs will also be trained to recognize and pursue sales opportunities.  Every service call provides an opportunity to review customer value, product mixes and product features.  CSRs will offer sales recommendations, explore customer interests and refer inquisitive customers to CSRs.  Several advantages to this approach are listed below:

  • CSRs are able to answer more calls
  • CSRs are trained more quickly by providing a condensed sales training curriculum
  • Training curriculum for CSRs is more specialized and focuses on higher-level selling skills
  • CSR expertise will result in improved overall sales

Note: Although some customers occasionally object to being transferred, the proper use of the warm transfer (voice & data) function will reduce common barriers associated with traditional transfers.