Fresh Hires

Human recourses practices in call center are a bit different than the traditional human resources practices. The fresh hire needs to understand that training is mostly on job. Call centers don’t require highly educated people. However, it doesn’t mean that a person without the formal education can get higher results. Education has its own benefits.

Call centers represent the first contact of the company where customers engage. If the company’s call centers agents are not educated, soft spoken, and knowledgeable; then there is a communication problem.

Call center business is not at maturity age in Pakistan and investors, management, and agents are still learning about the call center business. There are companies in Pakistan where they have employed foreign-certified management and they are doing well in term of revenue. These are mostly financial institutions and telecommunication companies.
Several Pakistani investors don’t realize that HR needs investment as well as the hardware, software, call center furniture, and other elements.

The investment in HR is in terms of financial and non-financial as well. The financial investment in HR may be the human resources management (HRM), trainers, certifications, and more. The most important part of the HR is the discipline. We can relate discipline with the investment part; however, the discipline comes with patience and continuous practice.