Focus and Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening Skills are the key skills for Call Center or Customer Service Agents. If you are not good at you will lose your customers and will not be able to achieve your goals. This will also affect your stay in the company.

Focus on the Conversation

You should focus on the conversation while talking to the customers. Do not get distracted from the voices of other Agents around you or their deeds. Else your customer feels that you are not taking his problem seriously or you are not interested in selling your product. Respond according to their mood and feel their emotions.

Be Interrogative 

Prolong the conversation by asking their needs and requirements. So you can build Good relation. You can only extend the conversation by listening the conversation properly.

Do Not Interrupt

When customer is talking to you and explaining his requirements Do Not Interrupt as this will put the wrong impact on the customer and might hang up on you. Listen to the customer rather than keep on talking.

Make Notes

Keep your paper and pen ready and make notes while you are on phone so once you are done with the phone you don’t forget any thing

Repeat the Key Points

At the end of the call repeat the points just to make sure that you and customer are on the same pace.