Ending poverty through call centers

It is kind of strange title that how one can put a stop to poverty through call center. There are mixed emotions on this. We all love prosperity. In fact, it brings more wealth and produces more riches. 

However, several Pakistani start up call centers who runs international projects hires human resources from neighborhoods which are below poverty line. These agents are hired for specifically night shift position. The agents hired from these areas have transportation, physical security, and pay issues. Several of the call centers do provide transportation but will not provide where there is a shutter down strike or riots in the city. The call centers won’t even provide shelters and food in disturbance times. This creates physical security issues as agents are not being able to go home secure due to low salaries.

It doesn’t mean that rich kids don’t need to work. They are actually trying to find more managerial jobs rather than field jobs. And this is creating a gap between several elements. Firstly, agents who are hired from poor areas are not easily promoted to the managerial level and agents from affluent neighborhoods do not want to handle agent type jobs. The sense of team development may be low at some call centers.

The poverty cannot be stop through call centers because of high agent turnover. However, people can be rich with some patience and continue working in the industry for a longer period of time. This longer period means that as an agent one has to enhance their skills not just in outbound selling, but also in inbound selling, up selling, customer services, email support, first call resolution, understand what it takes to maintain the brand name alive and keeping the quality of the call up regardless the customer curses the agent. A business is good when it is done for a longer period of time. It is true for jobs. A job is good when someone stays there and learns for minimum of five years. A hopper like a frog will never get you at the rich level but you sure can enjoy being a rag.