Employer Expectation of an Intern

What should your employer expect of you as an intern?

Be a terrific intern…

Dress appropriately – Pay attention to what you wear and how you look. Your appearance can make or break your internship. There is an expectation that you will blend into a professional business environment. Take notice of what your colleagues are wearing and try to wear something compatible.

Pay attention to your attitude – You should radiate an attitude of “Yesssss! I’m so pleased to be here to learn all I can.”

Be attentive – You are there to learn, so be alert, take notes on what is being said, and be a good listener. Ask questions if you don’t understand. It’s much better to ask questions all along than make mistakes that were avoidable.

Your work habits are critical – Work hard!! Ask for more work when you finish. In most situations, you should not socialize, do homework, eat, make personal calls, take lots of breaks, etc.

Learn to provide excellent customer service – If your internship puts you in contact with customers, in-person or by telephone, represent your employer well!
The quality of your work should be “A” level – Produce high quality, careful work, at your level of expertise…but don’t forget that you are a beginner. You will be noticed in a positive way if your work is of a superior quality.

Work accurately – Check and double check your work for accuracy, or have a friend or co-worker check your work. You are known for the quality of your work. But do not be so slow that you become known for how long it takes you to complete an assignment.
Prepare for your workday – Have your own pen and paper handy for taking notes. You will impress your employer with your preparations.

Be punctual and have good attendance – Of course good attendance and being on time are very important in an internship. Treat the internship as a job and you will earn the respect and high regard from the employer.

Ethical behavior is expected – Ethical behavior is a must. A guideline to determining whether a decision you make is ethical is to ask yourself: Is it legal according to the law? Will it make you feel guilty about yourself? Could somebody be harmed from this behavior?