Eid Mubarak and Call Centers

Happy Eid! But alas, it will be mandatory for some call center staff to work on Eid days. After all, any customer can call for complaints and hardly appraise. 

The busiest travel days in Islamic countries are during Eid days. The call center staff in airline reservations, retail banking, online retailers, and other industries will make special arrangements for next three days. Since three Eid days are government and private official holidays in corporate businesses. However, retail business will remain close mostly on the first day of Eid.

Some international call centers may hire minorities such as Christians or Hindus to cover shifts and Muslim staff gets holidays. In the Christmas time and Divali time it’s vice versa. Whatever the case maybe, the religious celebrations are the heaviest days of call volume. The staff must be prepared to handle flame buoyant customers and handle their complaints as fast as they can. This should usually happen in First Call Resolution or typically known as FCR.

If any call center is unaware of FCR, they better have a crash course otherwise, be ready to find a different job in a different industry. A losing customer means losing money and these are money days. Pakistan’s call center industry is still at a learning curve. We need certified agents, managements, and directors to handle calls. There is a lot of opportunity in this industry as several industries have not even thought about to utilize this industry well.

I wish everyone a happy Eid. Please do remember the least member of the society to celebrate Eid.