Don’t Get Distracted

Distraction is a part of life most of us get distracted several times at different occasions. Distraction can play a negative role in sales and customer services environment. It can lower the graph of the Agent sales and quality. 

How can we get Distracted: Being a Telemarketer or customer service person we can be distracted in different manners. Any urgent email or call can distract you. Next person sitting to you needs to discuss about the last call. Manager needs to talk to you about daily routines. So where ever you are working it doesn’t matter whatever you do you will have to face the distractions on daily basis .But you have to make you own to do list so you can keep yourself focused.

How to minimize the distractions: To be a Good Telemarketer or a sales person you need to learn on your own that how can you manage to reduce the certain distractions. Also work to manage your stress level at the same time. As with less distraction you can perform well and can be more productive. Employer can attain high quality from you during the day.

You can try evaluating below points in your daily routine to overcome with the distraction.

  • Use Headphones for managing the Extra voices (Don’t listen music during work timings).
  • Schedule your email timings.
  • Organize your work Station
  • Adjust Phone Ringer on middle tone.
  • Talk to the person who is a disrupter for you.
  • Make your To Do List.
  • Take short breaks to refresh yourself.
  • Close the office door.
  • Get Enough Sleep so you don’t feel tiring at work.
  • Watch your diet and avoid heavy meals.
  • Turn off the ringer of your mobile
  • Read the daily international news