DO NOT Disturb AND Interrupt

Disturbance and Interruptions are the part of your daily work routine but one has to manage. Floor supervisors or Team leaders are responsible to manage for their Agents so they can be more productive. Disturbance can put the negative impact on the Agents Productivity. Disturbance can be of many types and through various factors.

List down Your daily Interruptions and Disturbance

If you think there are regular disturbance and interruptions which you face on daily basis while working write them down on the paper point wise. Give yourself sometime and sort them out. If you think you are unable to do on your own seek help from your supervisor as they have more experience and also have been through with the same.

Seating Arrangement and Uncomfortable Cubicle

Cubicles are the place where Agents sits and make calls. It has to be designed in such a way that the voice of the Agents doesn’t affect the work of the next sitting Agents. Also the cubicle space must be relaxing for the Agent to manage himself/herself. Also there has to be stick board in front f them so they can stick their script and other calling materials.

All Agents are not same in the nature so seating arrangements are most important in work environment. There are more experienced Agents and junior agents as well. Some are talkative and irritating at times.

Supervisors have to make such decisions of seating arrangements that it doesn’t affect the work of any agent.

Do Not Disturb

When Agents are on call no need to disturb or pass on any comments. Probably one can think that it is helpful for the agent to sort out they matter on the other way there is possibility that it will wipe out the memory of the agent and he really forgets what he has to say next.

Plan Picnic or Games

Due to the timings and work schedule Agents can be exhausted so Supervisors can plan short games during interval and a picnic once a while .So Agents can be relaxed and more productive.