Decision Making Skills

Any skill is an art. Decision making skill is a learned art. The more you practice, better you get by time.

People believe that a president, CEO, husband, wife, mom, dad, elder brother, elder sister or anyone with the authority has the power to make decisions. That’s a wrong perception. They have floating powers which is influenced by the information they are given, to make a specific decision.

For example, when someone looks for a job a candidate may ask parents, peers, and search more information to make the decision to work or not. This is similar when a sales person make the cold call to an executive but unsure of his powers. However, to find someone with the power in a company really depends on the need of what a sales person is selling. However, in corporate scenario no single executive has the authority to make a decision unless there is a need and is discussed with each other in a meeting. In another example, if you try to sell the Internet, you may want to call a CIO, CTO, or the network manager.

Here is a guideline of stages.

  • Documenting of what you are trying to do
  • Identifying who will have more influence on the decision making
  • Information gathering
  • Prioritize all the information
  • Make that call

Good luck!!!