Customer Impressions

Respectable first impression begins with a positive relationship with your customers. On the other hand, an ordinary first impression can sometime end the relationship right then and there. And when you factor in word of mouth and how many other people the customer may talk to about their bad experience with your company, you can see how important first impressions can be. Creating favorable customer impressions may even seem easy when you can show off renovated waiting areas and state-of-the-art amenities. But, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that multimillion dollar investments are the only way to inspire five-star reviews – or that such investments will guarantee them.

Give them your full attention. Acknowledge them when they come in. Even if you are on the phone – let them know you will be with them shortly. If you have answered the phone to them, stop everything else – don’t eat, play games, talk to someone else, text, surf the internet or whatever. Focus and concentrate entirely on them. Listen to them. Don’t assume what they’re about to say next. Ask good questions and paraphrase to clarify what you’ve understood from them. Be responsive and understand on what it is they are saying. Some of them don’t know what they want so you may have to help but never assume.

If a customer comments on the beautiful weather, never reply with “Yeah, too nice to be at work”! Such comments reflect badly on the company ethos and make the customer feel like they have just wrecked your day by being a customer

By combining a favorable first impression, courteous treatment, and a positive attitude, you form the basis for a strong customer service foundation. Add effective communication skills, and you will be on your way to building long lasting relationships with your customers.