Call Center Internships

Any company is run by people. There are some companies who train their staff by hiring interns or by hiring professional staff. It is obvious that the any less experienced staff member that needs training has a high training cost associated with it rather than low labor cost. On the other hand, professional staff will always have a high labor cost and low training cost unless they are training on the company’s culture. That, however, is a different topic. Call Centers are a great place to learn.

We have noticed that if we train new staff on the premises they are more loyal to the company as compared to the professional staff. It also depends on the individual and their needs. We have come across some Internship Program Guide to our readers. This is only a guide and your company can start strategizing company’s goals by looking into these guidelines.

Internship Program Guidelines for Companies

Application material must include:

  • Completed application
  • Resume
  • Other educational document required by the company (Please see appropriate person in Internship Department)
  • Personal statement of what does the candidate want to achieve in next five years
  • Script sample
  • Voice sample through telephone interview
  • All the internships are hourly based.
  • Company is not responsible for students behaviors and actions

Student’s responsibility

  • Their own behaviors and actions
  • Obeying Pakistan Data Act rules
  • Obeying Pakistan Electronic and Cyber Crime rules
  • Unauthorized use of the Internet
  • Call center Internship handbook
  • Call center space furniture and equipments
  • Not to write electronic data provided through CRM on paper, store electronically and on paper and on personal mobile telephone or of third party, call center clients and customers contacts, any information either in Pakistan or abroad
  • Using narcotics within the call center facility during working hours
  • Using alcohol within the call center facility during working hours
  • Sexually harassing male or female employees and staff of call center
  • Verbally abusing male or female employees and staff of call center
  • Physically abusing male or female employees and staff of call center

Call Center’s Responsibility

  • Paid or unpaid internship provided
  • Transport or cash provided on a daily basis depending on the area and the call center
  • No food provided during internship
  • Three weeks evaluation period provided depending on the student’s ability

Concerns of the Intern

Remember that interns also have concerns that need to be addressed. If you can alleviate some of their concerns, you can provide a good working environment for each other.

  • Some points to remember are:
  • They want real work to do; assign projects that can utilize their abilities.
  • Be honest with the type of work the intern will be working on, don’t say one thing and then give them menial tasks.
  • Offer constructive feedback about how the intern is performing; they need to know if they have made an error and how to prevent it in the future.
  • Include the intern in actual calling; if you are going to make your agents call, invite the intern along so they can experience the actual calls. This gives the intern a better perspective on what to expect.
  • Although interns do not need to be watched over every minute, take the time to give a detailed explanation as to what is being done on the project. When the intern knows what is expected of them, fewer mistakes will be made.
  • The best way to help the intern is to have a mentor or supervisor they can talk to and discuss any concerns they may have.
  • Don’t ignore the intern. Always have time to answer any questions. If the mentor or supervisor has a busy agenda schedule a time when the intern can come and ask questions.

There is also an Student’s Internship Handbook that will be helpful for both call centers and students.