Advertising Vs Promotion

Marketing has different types of tools to promote business. Advertising and promotions are one of them and they both used in a modern marketing. At a glance it is very difficult to perceive the exact difference between advertising and promotion. Both advertising and promotion use the same techniques and the achieved results are essentially the same.

Advertising is the Long term, ongoing process to gain the business and intended to strengthen customer reliability. The advertising method is often used by medium to large level Organizations. Their perspective is to achieve the long term sales and escalation of their brand. The trendiest types of advertising are the television, radio adverts, national or local press advertisements, large billboards, posters last but not the least the Social media.

Through Advertisements you inform your consumers about new products or services and promote your company’s brand name and Variety. Advertisements are a one-way form of communication that in an ideal world plead to consumers’ sensation and convince them to buy your product or service. Beside the long term sales advertising also helps to improve short term and middle term sales too. After initializing the Advertisement Campaign we need to for a longer period before we get the acquired result .The long time frame and the high initial expenses, advertising is suitable for large companies and corporations only.

On contrary to advertising, Promotion is naturally a short-term marketing tactic, meant to increase trade through the use of instant customer incentives (motivations) and it is more focused towards the short term results. Even though promotions also take part in the development of brand building .The most popular traditions of promotion are the discounted coupons in the local Newspapers, two for one special promotion, free product samples to the consumers and other special events held in the stores/markets and malls.

As the formation of promotions is quite easy and can give you a very good result in short term. Promotion is way cheaper than the Advertisement. Promotions are suitable for small companies/ stores. Due to the cost efficiency and the desired deadline Medium and large corporations and organizations also arrange promotions. The each day pattern is the daily or weekly product promotions in large national store chains.

Advertising and promotions are quite similar to each other. Promotions are directly connected to sales and due to this reason, for small companies it may be feasible to use promotional techniques. Advertising may be more expensive for small companies and it may not be feasible for them while in advertising it is being implicit that adverts will lead to sales.

These two marketing tools are sometimes support and maintain each other growth and existence in the market and it is not uncommon that advertising campaigns use promotions too. At some point in advertising campaigns, promotions are used to make the entire success of the campaign valuable.