What is First Call Resolution (FCR)?

FCR is a self-explanatory term which actually means to identify and fix the problem of any customer on the first call. An agent needs to properly address the customer’s issue in first try. It will help customers eliminate to call again and again. 

FCR is a metric just like Talk Time. Fast talk timer agents have poor FCR metric and can perform badly on their evaluation. FCR generally handles two things;

  1. Serving the customer well (Customer Experience)
  2. Company’s operation (Support Operational Performance)

FCR is a powerful and valuable metric, because it serves as a KPI for customer experience as well as operational performance and efficiency.

Formula for First Call Resolution
If we split the FCR in two different categories then it will help us understand better about the results.

The difference between Gross FCR and Net FCR may help.

Gross FCR
It is a raw FCR rate which doesn’t take what type of call it is.

Gross FCR = # of contacts resolved initially ÷ All incoming contacts

It is the metric most commonly followed and the most relevant to your customer service and support operational performance.

Net FCR = # of contacts resolved initially ÷
(All incoming contacts – Contacts that cannot be resolved at first level)

Notice it reads, “Contacts that cannot be resolved at first level.” These include “…hardware break/fix and physical move/add/change requests.”

It depends on the organization of how they resolve their customer issues. Higher the percentage of FCR, lower the revenue. Agents need constant training from their supervisors and sometimes customers.