Recruit to Retain!

Why is the quality of staff recruitment more important than ever?

The current states of the labor markets neither indicate any imminent explosion in the supply of talented people nor an implosion in the demand for same. Therefore, retaining the staff you have worked so hard to recruit is increasingly vital for organisations. Just as there are many reasons why people leave a company, there is no single magic solution for the problem of high staff turnover. The process of staff retention does very definitely begin in the recruitment phase. Continue reading “Recruit to Retain!”

Call Center Internships

Any company is run by people. There are some companies who train their staff by hiring interns or by hiring professional staff. It is obvious that the any less experienced staff member that needs training has a high training cost associated with it rather than low labor cost. On the other hand, professional staff will always have a high labor cost and low training cost unless they are training on the company’s culture. That, however, is a different topic. Call Centers are a great place to learn. Continue reading “Call Center Internships”

Fresh Hires

Human recourses practices in call center are a bit different than the traditional human resources practices. The fresh hire needs to understand that training is mostly on job. Call centers don’t require highly educated people. However, it doesn’t mean that a person without the formal education can get higher results. Education has its own benefits. Continue reading “Fresh Hires”